Summerfields 1.11 (100%)

Update Summerfields for Minecraft 1.11


Summerfields 1.10 (100%)

Update Summerfields for Minecraft 1.10


Balkon's Weapon

pack_weapon_mini.png  support for Balkon's Weapon version 1.7.X



CuddleWoozle posted a message :

This has taken me months.

683 block textures. 265 item images. 9 full sets of armor. 8 GUIs. Many edited block models. 9 alternate vanilla textures*

I give to you.

SummerFields Minestrappolation Support.


This support is intended for Minestrappolation 4 (version 4.2.666)

*There are alternate cobblestone, mossy cobble, and stone brick tops/side variations that I feel mesh better with the stone textures I made for this support pack. It's why I included them here. You can choose to use them or not but I think they look rather spiffy. Although I made them so that's biased. ;D

PS: It's still not what I would call 100% done. All in-game textures are complete and it is usable! However: There are unused textures in my game that I didn't do because I can't test them and I don't know if they're implemented in the mod yet. Once they are or I find out how to get them in-game, I will update. Also there are even more models that need edited but that takes a long time. :P As I get them finished I'll update. You can switch them off in the mod if they irritate you. (You don't want to know how many hours I spent on that crafting bench! You do NOT. XD)

ALSO: Lipki, if you want to take any of the special models like said crafting table and add them to the default pack, please do. :3

And a pic just in case no one trusts me anymore. LOL I mean, I haven't done anything this big for a long time. It shows a variety of blocks and items from the mod. :)


Minetest 0.4.14 (100%)

pack_minetest_mini.png Minetest support 0.4.14


News !

Soon here, the big news ! (or just the simple news)